Buying real estate is a time-consuming process, which we are more than happy to manage on your behalf. The property search is centralised and the client’s preferences and budget are carefully assessed.

The process is often accelerated in this way, the asking price is negotiated and fixed, and the entire follow-up process right through to the solicitor’s is managed and fulfilled. Additional ownership preferences are always negotiable and can be incorporated.

The speed and success of a project are often the result of an accurately filtered search that starts with analysing the wishes of the client that are adjusted throughout the entire process.

The introductory interview is often only used as a guideline, as it is only during the process of searching that you realise the exact direction you really want to take. New ideas and insights only become apparent after a number of prospective properties have been presented.

The properties put forward are analysed and discussed closely with the client in order to make any adjustments if the ideal property has not yet been found. After all, we strive for satisfied clients only. Antwerp House Hunter often views the prospective properties first, with respect to our clients’ valuable time.

When it turns out that a particular property meets the criteria, Antwerp House Hunter and the client will arrange a viewing of the property. After all, it is our job to filter the properties available on the market today in order to present you with the most interesting offers.

  • Fast purchas
  • No loss of time nor worry
  • Price negotiation for the best price
  • Full guidance
  • 100% Satisfaction

When there is a good gut feeling about a certain property, it is also up to Antwerp House Hunter to bring out its potential added value by negotiating the price, which will be competitive and represent the best market value.

Market analysis and estimation often determine the particular price and proposal put forth, which is justified through various arguments.

The project isn’t complete until all matters have been dealt with and you are 100% satisfied. That is precisely why working together with Antwerp House Hunter is the right choice. After all, we provide all the necessary expertise and we aim for a professional and personalised approach in every project.

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