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There’s more to buying real estate today than simply having knowledge about the real estate market. New developments in certain neighbourhoods or municipalities can have a major impact on the future quality of housing and, therefore, the value of your property.

In addition, expert knowledge of construction and design is a must, since a healthy property ensures a happy owner. Also, never before has the requirement for more certificates, inspections, etc. been as stringent as it is today and therefore everything has to be inspected with great accuracy in order to maintain the best possible portfolio.

At Antwerp House Hunter, we gladly take on this responsibility and unburden the buyer of all these matters. Not only do we provide support in the search to find the ideal property or home, but we also go a step further in price negotiations, inspections and follow up the necessary paperwork involved in the process of buying property.

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With rising property prices and the growing rental market, investing in real estate is still the safest investment in our country!

Investing in real estate
Buying real estate often involves a lot of headaches and time. We are happy to relieve you of those concerns.

Real estate agent
We also provide services and support for tenants. We can guide you when you are looking for a new home.

Rental guidance

Working together with Antwerp House Hunter therefore, often provides enormous added value throughout the entire process of buying a new home or investment property.

The collaboration starts with an initial discussion about the clients’ preferences and requirements in order to filter the search as accurately as possible. Once everyone is on the same page, the process really gets underway and you can count on the expertise and specialised knowledge provided by Antwerp House Hunter.

We know the ins and outs of the Antwerp real estate market like no other. This market changes daily due to increasing demand and many other developments. For example, an investment in a particular neighbourhood or area can be a smart move, while the opposite might be true for a property just a short distance away.

As a relatively small city, Antwerp still has a lot to offer and will see many developments taking place over the coming years. Compared to other European cities in neighbouring countries, Belgian real estate and, in particular real estate in Antwerp, is undervalued.

Prices have increased significantly in recent years, a trend which is set to continue over the coming period. The Antwerp real estate market therefore remains a very safe and stable market to invest in.

It’s often a race to be first to view a particular building or house, to even get the opportunity to purchase it. Due to our strong presence in the city’s real estate market, Antwerp House Hunter and its broad network, and variety of contacts, often manages to get to the right property first.

In short, due to our ability to move quickly, the right network of contacts and market expertise, a property can be proposed in a relatively short timeframe that meets the strict requirements of our clients. Not only will it save you time, but a very favourable proposal will be put on the table, and all this without any headaches or concerns.

Our goal and specialty is to unburden our clients and present them with the ideal building or property.

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  • Knowledge of various aspects of real estate
  • Expert market knowledge
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